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SW community fearful of coyotes snatching pets

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-28 02:38:19-05
People in a southwest community say coyotes are posing a threat to children and small animals.
Jennifer Gensler has lost multiple pets to the predators at her home near Rainbow and Blue Diamond.
She says coyotes have carried off cats of hers, a rooster and a chihuahua. 
It's heartbreaking and terrifying for Gensler when it happens, and she wants people new to the area to be aware.
"[Coyotes are] not afraid of people," Gensler said. "I've had to chase them from my daughters' bus stop numerous times."
Lee Elsarelli, a neighbor, says he sees coyotes wandering around once or twice a week.
"You can hunt them, try to drive them out," Elsarelli said. "Chances are you're not."
He feels the coyotes aren't a threat, saying they stay away when people are around.
Jennifer would rather be safe than sorry.
She says the last thing she wants is a baby in a park, for example, to be in danger.
That goes for her daughters too.
"My girls know when they walk home from the bus stop to pick up rocks and carry rocks," Gensler said.
Neighbors say they believe the coyotes have a den on the east side of Exploration Peak.
Elsarelli says he's seen four or five together; Gensler says she's seen up to nine at once.