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Stalking charge for suspect in FBI raid

Posted at 11:41 AM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 14:41:48-04
A man was arrested following a joint raid by federal and local officials is now facing aggravated stalking charges.
Federal agents remain silent about the target of the search warrant.
As a result of the search Brad Reznik was arrested on an outstanding warrant in connection with allegations that he had been stalking his ex-girlfriend for more than a year.
Kimberly Knight says for the past year, Reznik, who was arrested during the raid, has been making her life miserable.
This after they broke up last august.
"He would drive by with a video camera," Knight said.  "He's called me from 20 different numbers."
All of the alleged harassment is detailed in the five page arrest warrant for aggravated stalking.
Knight says much of that abuse relates to photos of dead fetuses she claim Reznik sent her knowing she had a miscarriage shortly before their break up.
"It is just constant really disgusting photos, really just disgusting things saying you killed your baby," Knight said.
In the allege blackmail, the woman says Reznik threatened to reveal information about her past work to neighbors.
Knight says he even put flyers on their cars and doors, telling them about that history.
She also says he monitored her through surveillance cameras on her property, letting her know he was watching.
"It is kind of a violation of your life to have someone send pictures from inside your house and outside your house, and know every move," Knight said.
She says he even tipped off code enforcement to work he did at her home without a permit, costing her thousands of dollars.
Knight even believes the fact that the abuse was emotional rather than physical made it more difficult to get anyone to come to her defense early on.
"I wish he had just come over and beat me up and got it over with.  That would have been better than a year and a few months of terrorizing my life," Knight said.