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Surveillance cameras show store owner chasing down thieves stealing designer purses

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 08:30:56-04

A high-end store owner chased down robbers ripping off her store in the middle of the day. The entire incident was captured on store surveillance cameras.

It happened at Closet Couture located in the 3600 block of  South Jones Boulevard between Spring Mountain Road and Twain Avenue.

"It was unreal," said the owner Natasha Young. "Unreal. They were stupid but brave."

The robbers were brave enough to casually walk into Young's consignment shop just after 4:00 p.m. on June 6. Store surveillance footage shows a young woman and a man browsing the store and then chatting with Young.  

"They were just asking questions, going through the bags, and measuring bags in front of the mirror, " said Young.

Claiming they were tourists, the pair seemed to know the layout of the store and exactly what they were looking for. Assuming they had seen her website, Young treated them like any other customer and gave them more details about the item they were interested in.

 "It's a celebrity bag, " Young said. "Kim Kardashian recently had this bag, so I show them pictures of it on my phone and she went back and forth like she was picking."

Turns out they were only picking the right time to bolt from the store. They grabbed three high-end bags and dashed toward the front door, that's when Young took off after them.

" I tried to grab [the] bags. I have to save them.'

You can see the man in the video shove her to the ground before he hops in the passenger seat of a car parked out front. His companion then drives off with him in a late model BMW with missing tags.

Young explained why she chased them down.

"It was instinct. It never happened in 5 and a half years in my business here and I always teach my employees and my friends to always just give it away. Life is the most important thing. Don't fight for stuff – it's just stuff."

Young says the items they stole were worth at least $12,000.