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VIDEOS: Cool pet products from the SuperZoo trade show

Posted at 1:41 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 10:22:02-04

UPDATE JULY 26: Parker Collins takes viewers inside of the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas this week and shows them some of the best pet products the show has to offer.

The Sure Flap pet bowl and pet door includes a microchipped pet feeder and a microchipped pet door. They only open for specific animals. You can program to allow more than one pet to use.

Petcube is an interactive wifi pet camera. You can watch and play with your pet remotely. There's also a feature where you can livestream your pet.

Pillstashios are little capsules that deliver medicine to your pet. You can put a pill, liquid, or powder inside. There's a smell lock. It's supposed to be more effective than other homemade medication delivery methods like peanut butter and cold cuts, plus it's a healthy alternative.

Stayjax seat covers soak up water and prevent your car seats from getting scratched. They're easy to wipe off and they're machine washable.

The absorber is a special towel you can use to dry your pet. It only works when damp. It can also be used to cool off your pet. It's not made of microfibers, so it won't shred and leave behind hairs.

The Wigziwaterproof leash is reflective and won't get stinky after walking a wet pet. It's easy to wipe off afterward.

ORIGINAL STORY: SuperZoo is the largest pet industry trade show in North America and it's right here in Las Vegas.

Pet retailers from around the globe have come to the Mandalay Bay to show their best products, unfortunately the event isn't open to the public.  Don't worry though, you still have a chance to see a glimpse of what goes on inside.

Dr. Ruth MacPete is here to give everyone a sneak peak at some of the best pet products on display this week.