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Summerlin neighborhood fears for pets, grandkids with coyotes on the loose

Posted at 12:19 AM, Sep 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-17 03:19:32-04

Frustration is growing over the coyotes invading a Summerlin neighborhood.

People living in Sun City Summerlin are being told to learn to live with it.

Barbara Hadzoglon keeps her dog on a leash inside the house because she doesn't want to risk her getting out. She and other neighbors tell 13 Action News at least a dozen pets have been carried off between the teeth of a coyote.

"[A friend told me] 'I saw this coyote running down the street with this white fluff in its mouth,'" Hadzoglon said. "How little did she know it was her pet."

Ken Flaherty and Bob Orshoski have bigger concerns than pets. They need to keep an eye on their grandkids.

"You just can't let your child or your grandchild play alone in the backyard because it'll attack him," Flaherty said.

Thankfully that hasn't happened yet in Sun City, but the neighbors don't want to wait until it does.

Several people say they met with state wildlife officials about the problem.

"We came away from the meeting disappointed there was no solution to the problem," Flaherty said.

Neighbors say they were told the coyotes were there first so the people would just have to accept the animals' presence. It's also illegal to shoot the coyotes.

Orshoski says he thinks they're cute, but he's still keeping an eye out.

"When I'm in the jacuzzi by myself, I think about going in the house," he said. "It's dark out, you can't see them until they get on top of you."

Hadzoglon says she knows the population of coyotes can't be eliminated completely. She'd like to see it controlled by having traps set during breeding season.