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Students, senators weigh in on Kavanaugh saga

Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 28, 2018

A day after an emotional testimony, the Senate Judiciary Committee votes to move forward with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- but *not* without a twist.

The floor vote is delayed a week and now President Trump is ordering the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh amid sexual misconduct allegations.

We went to UNLV and talked to students there. We got mixed reactions from students.

Desiree Higgs says, " I think it's wildly disturbing that we would even consider someone of that character to one of the highest offices in the country."

Melissa Alcanta says, "If they don't think that the questions that they asked and the answers that were provided were sufficient enough to ensure that Kavanaugh is fit to be a supreme court judge then yeah, I think the FBI should be involved."

While we didn't find students with strong opinions in support of the embattled judge, other students told us they understand both sides:

Law student, Kyle Hill, says, "It's important that we understand who the person is that's being nominated and whether they should be nominated or not... Part of me is also a little concerned that the confirmation is becoming more about problems in the person's past rather than their judicial history."

Republican US Senator Dean Heller sent us a statement saying he supports the FBI probe, reading in part:

"It is my hope that after this additional week other senators will come to the conclusion that I have reached and support Judge Kavanaugh's nomination."

Democratic US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto also chimed in. "I can tell you,  the e-mails and calls into my office similarly saying that the investigation should continue."