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Students, parents fed up as Beatty Elementary class sizes top 40 students

Posted at 7:52 PM, Oct 26, 2016

A group of parents and students are taking their case to the Clark County School District's board meeting Thursday because they say 5th grade class sizes at one school have gotten out of control.

Students started the year at Beatty Elementary School with three 5th grade teachers, but after the district counted the number of students, they decided to send a teacher to another school.

That left just 2 teachers, each with more than 40 students. Parents say the district failed to factor in additional students who registered since the start of school. Now, one class has 41 students and another has 43.

Student Avery Williams says it's interfered with her learning.

"I was hoping 5th grade would be my best year, and I would get all As," she says.

Now, instead, Avery says the teacher's time is eaten up by helping other new students.

Students are also worried about their safety because too many in one room creates a cramped environment.

"It's frustrating," says Johnny Colbert.

His mom, Rebecca, says she knew something was wrong when her usually enthusiastic students lost excitement for school.

Now, parents are taking action. They say they've tried to reach CCSD but have been ignored. They were told the teacher move was due to budget issues.

In a statement, CCSD said, "The school principal is working closely with district administrators and the district's Human Resources staff regarding this issue. District officials have also been in contact with parents regarding their concerns."

CCSD says it's not in any violation by having large class sizes, but it's also not clear if there's a maximum limit of students per class before something has to be done.

In the meantime, students and parents will be speaking at the CCSD board meeting on Thursday at 6 p.m. on Flamingo Road, hoping the district will take action.

"They want us to go away," Rebecca Colbert says. "They want us to just accept the fact that there could be 50 kids in that class by Christmas."