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UPDATE: School board approves random drug testing for Foothill High School students

Students could soon foot bill for drug testing
Posted at 12:09 AM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 10:14:56-04

UPDATE SEPT. 28: The Clark County School District trustees voted unanimously Thursday to approve a policy which requires some Foothill High School students to undergo random drug tests. The policy goes into effect immediately.


A high school in Henderson could soon force some students to undergo drug testing on their own dime. 

Foothill High School is considering a new program which would require students to undergo random drug and alcohol tests if they participate in sports, band, orchestra, cheer, choir, dance, theatre, student council, National Honor Society and the student news production team. 

According to a document submitted to the school board, 15 students would be randomly selected for the testing each week.

"Random drug and alcohol testing does not seek to punish students but to educate and steer students away from behaviors that will impact their lives," the document said. 

The document also states each student involved in extra-curricular activities would be charged a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of the drug testing.

"People already pay lots of money to do marching band. They pay lots of fees, so I think another fee on top of that is just ridiculous," said student Tobias Thaw who takes part in band and the student news production team. 

Parents told 13 Action News they wouldn't mind the fee if it means keeping kids safe. 

"The most important thing that we want to do is keep our kids off drugs," said Maureen Polster who's son plays soccer at Foothill. 

The school board will vote on the proposal Thursday. If passed, it will go into effect immediately for this current school year, according to a spokesperson for CCSD.