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Student has accident in class after teacher says he can't go to restroom

Posted at 11:23 PM, Oct 10, 2016
A Schofield middle schooler says he wet himself after his teacher told him he could not step out to use the restroom. Erik Orozcu’s parents are just beside themselves that this happened to their son.
“We only have four minutes to go to the bathroom so I don’t really have enough time cause you’re always in a rush.” said the 11-year-old who had an accident in class.
Orozcu is referring to the four minutes they are granted during passing time between classes. It’s suggested they use the bathroom during that time too.
“They said you could do it in your passing time but your passing time is only four minutes and you still have to walk to your class,” said another middle schooler, Alex Haws.
Orozcu sat back down in his seat Friday afternoon after he was told by his teacher that he could not use the bathroom. That’s when the accident happened. So once again, the 6th grader asked for permission to leave the room to get himself cleaned up.
“She didn’t realize he had peed his pants and told him no again, you can’t use the bathroom,” said the father Sam Orozcu.
Finally, the 11-year-old made himself clear.
“She kind of felt bad about me,” said the boy.
He was sent to the dean’s office and then to the health office.
“He had to walk through the center of his classroom, to tell the teacher he had an accident,” said the boy’s dad.
Once Orozcu got to the nurse’s office, he waited for his mom to come get him.
“When she arrived at the school, she found him completely soiled, uncovered, no curtain, no privacy, our son was completely soiled in his own pee.”
The boy’s parents are so disturbed by what happened to their son, they’re sharing their story because they don’t want it happening to other students.
“I wish I was there,” said the boy’s dad. “I would have peed my pants and joined him.”
13 Action News spoke with students outside the middle school today who told us this sort of thing happens a lot where they are told they cannot go to the bathroom. Three other students told us they also had accidents because of it.
CCSD confirmed Orozcu’s incident with us. They also told us, they are working on educating their teachers about letting the students go to the bathroom anytime they ask.