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Strong winds rip solar panels off home

Posted at 9:26 PM, Jan 10, 2017

A homeowner is dealing with a major headache after strong winds tore through the valley Monday night.

"I hear this loud noise, and I come out here and this," said Suzi Butkus.
Butkus was falling asleep when she heard a loud crash outside her home near Tenaya Way and Westcliff Drive.
"It must have brought down panels of the roof," she said.
A 13 Action News crew saw several thick, heavy solar panels that are supposed to heat Butkus' pool sinking into the water.
One concern for the kindergarten teacher is how to clean up the big mess.
"You can't even lift it," she said. 
Butkus has not fully surveyed the damage to her home. She's hoping there's little to no structural damage.
The twist in this story is Butkus said the panels never worked anyway.  
"I'm glad they're going to be gone, but I didn't want them gone in this way," she said.
Strong wind gusts were expected across the valley again Tuesday night.