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Stressed out? Study finds Nevada among most stressed states

Posted at 2:25 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 21:49:31-04

Feeling stressed? It's not surprising considering that one study found Nevada as one of the most stressed states.

"I get massage at least once a month. Sometimes once every couple of weeks if I have time."

That's how Gentille Chhun deals with stress.

Many others turn to this kind of therapy to help them relax.

Julia Kuo owns a Kyou Beauty Salon. "Now more and more people, they come (here) looking for the professional massage because they feel the pain. And that is caused either you're sitting too long in front of the computer."

According to WalletHub, Nevada ranks 5th for the most stressed states and 1st for family-related stress. Nevada was also 8th for stress related to health and safety, 19th for money-related stress and 29th for work-related stress. 

WalletHub also found that Nevada is tied for 3rd for the lowest credit score and had the second highest divorce rate. Nevada also has the 3rd fewest number of psychologists per capita. 

WalletHub reported that women's stress rates went up in the last year while men's dropped. 

Dr. Karen Cruey, a psychiatrist says, "We have a tremendous shortage of psychotherapists." That's another stress factor for Nevadans.

"Physical activity that you like can really de-stress. We see people riding their bikes." Dr. Cruey says monitor how much you drink and eat everyday."We need to make sure we get enough hydration... Let's make sure we're eating healthy and often enough."

And get good quality sleep. Sleep better by turning off gadgets and other electronics an hour before going to bed.

"Because the blue light from the electronics, that includes TV as well as computers, phones, tablets. The blue light stimulates the brain. and you want to start letting the brain rest."

Louisiana was found to be the most stressed state, followed by New Mexico, West Virginia and Mississippi. According to WalletHub, the least stressed state was Minnesota.