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Street performers react to Las Vegas Strip fight

Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 10, 2017
A video of Superman fighting a man on the Las Vegas Strip is making its way around Facebook.
The video, which is said to have been recorded outside Planet Hollywood, was titled “Superman saving the world from bums. Only in Vegas baby!” by the original poster.
It is unclear what happened before the man started recording the video.
At the start it appears Superman has the other man in a headlock and is elbowing his head.
Other street performers who saw the video Monday night didn’t like they were watching.
“It is unacceptable," Rasta, who was dressed as Iron Man, said.
Rasta says he has been working as a street performer for seven years.
He doesn't know what led to the fight, but says he sees avoiding confrontation as a key part of his job even when people are looking for a fight.
"They want to show off in front of their girlfriends. I've had people kick me in the nuts," Rasta said,
Other street performers echoed that sentiment saying they realize the costumes make them targets.
"I don't take it personally, because they aren't attacking the person, they are attacking the costume," Adam said while dressed as a Storm Trooper.
"What I do is I walk away, and if you walk away I bet they are not going to hit you," Rasta said.
You can see in the video, Superman tries to walk away several times but the other man follows him leading to more punches.
At the end of the day while Superman may have won the battle, the street performers say the video does not help them in the war of public perception.
"I've got two children and I have to support them, so I always do what is going to have me go home safely and not cause any problems," Rasta said.