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Street performers push for place on Las Vegas Strip

Posted at 11:25 PM, May 12, 2017
Street performers are ready to fight for their right to work for tips on the Las Vegas Strip.
The Sonic Laborers and Visual Entertainers Union organized a demonstration to say they have a first amendment right to practice their crafts on public sidewalks.
Many saying that right helps them bring smiles to tourists faces.
"These are the people.  I don't mind tipping.  I'd rather give it to them than the casino," a tourist said before snapping a photo with several super heroes.
For those taking part in the event, they say the tips they earn is how they keep a roof over their heads.
Some say that livelihood is being threatened by police enforcing county codes in the Resort Corridor.
"Personally I haven't had a problem, except for a month ago when they told me I couldn't have the word tips on
my cup," A street performer dressed as Alan from the Hangover said.
Those rules are clearly posted on signs up and down the Resort Corridor, saying you can't obstruct the public sidewalk.
But the president of the union says those rules are actually obstructing their rights.
"What gets me about that is I understand some performers may not be liked, too edgy or whatever, but that is still legal under the constitution," Michael T. Moore said.
Others understand police are trying to keep things safe and orderly.
"It is overstepping the boundaries to make sure they have proper ID and are not felons?,” Kidd Scurry said as he was handing out business cards on a pedestrian bridge. "I think it is not a bad idea.”
“Here in Vegas, who knows who is behind that mask."
Those trying to make a living say they are doing their best to stay out of the way while still putting food on the table.
"We are not obstructing anything. We are actually away from traffic up to four feet of distance, so that we don't bother anybody."
The union president said he doesn’t expect a solution to come out of demonstrations, like the one organized Friday.
Moore said he expects the final decision to be handed down in court someday.