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Stray gunfire endangers family

Posted at 11:38 AM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 20:32:44-05
A family is put in danger with no way to hide.
It's the first thing you see when you pull up to the apartments near Sandhill Road and Owens Avenue -- bullet holes all over just one of the homes. It's what you can't see out front that's scarier.
"It's unbelievable like I'm in shock cause this happened too close to home," said the mother living in the apartment behind the one that was shot.
Police left more than 20 evidence markers on the apartment that was hit by gunfire early Thursday morning. Some of the bullets went through the apartment, though, and into the home behind it, where a mother and small children live. The stray gunfire hit their kitchen. One bullet even went into the refrigerator.
"I'm scared. The only thing I think about is my kids. Any one of my kids could've been in that pantry," said the mother.
Police don't know why someone was shooting. Neighbors say a mom lives in the apartment that was shot with her kids, but no one was home when the shots were fired.