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Strange drones creeping out homeowners in southwest Las Vegas

Posted at 11:43 PM, Feb 17, 2017

Some homeowners in one part of the Las Vegas valley say they're being bothered by drones flying overhead.

They're worried about their privacy because they don't know who's controlling the drones or if they're recording video.

Mark Utnehemer first became aware of what was going on last week when he was in the backyard of his home near Tenaya and Peace Way.

"I heard this 'zzzz' sound out in the street, so I thought it was a toy car out there," he said.

Utnehemer looked up and saw a drone above his backyard. The pilot on the street behind Utnehemer's backyard quickly collected the drone and drove off when he saw the homeowner.

"I don't think people need to be looking in windows and flying in people's backyards," Utnehemer said.

A drone landed in Patti Brick's backyard near Durango and Russell about a year ago. The pilot knocked on her door and asked if he could retrieve it.

"I wouldn't be happy about having somebody flying around when my kids are in the backyard, especially if [the drone] has a camera," Brick said.

So what can be done about these unwelcome drones? The Federal Aviation Administration has guidelines about flying for hobby or recreationally that include following local laws. In Nevada, drone pilots can be charged with trespassing if they fly over a private home more than once and if they've been asked to stop.