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Storm drops snow on Mount Charleston

Posted at 7:16 PM, Apr 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 22:26:52-04
A spring storm is dropping snow on Mount Charleston.
"The later in the season they get the more unexpected they become," said Thomas Schneekloth Director of Operations at Mt. Charleston Lodge of the spring storm.
People headed up the mountain to play in the snow, snap a few pictures and enjoy then winter-like beauty while they still can.
"It's a really delightful storm, kind of late in the year for it, so we thought we'd escape before the heat arrived," said Las Vegas resident Phil Pro.
Long-time Las Vegas resident, Nina Booncherd, hadn't seen snow in over ten years, so she decided to head up Mt. Charleston before it's gone for the season. 
"It's amazing, I usually don't even like the cold so it's kind of odd why I wanted to see the snow but it's comforting," said Booncherd.
But not everyone was expecting to see snow. Damien Riggs and his wife were just planning to take a drive through the mountains and have some lunch at the Mt. Charleston lodge when they were caught off guard.
Riggs had on only short sleeves.
"It was a little chilly getting out of the vehicle walking over here and my wife's like we should have brought our jackets."
If you do want to head up the mountain to check out the snow you are going to want to act fast because it won't last long.