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Storm cleanup underway around Las Vegas

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 22:26:27-04
Nearly a day after flash floods sweep through the valley, major clean-up efforts are underway. 
Henderson is dealing with the most damage. 
A lot of it is residential with leftover debris that still hasn't been cleaned.
This is one of the parts of the valley that got hail yesterday. We caught up with that viewer as she works to clean her home.
"I was terrified because as strong as the wind was. It was blowing the screens and everything was blowing off and it was beating so hard on the back window and backyard. Everything was just flying off", says Diane Leslie.
The storm was so strong it even knocked over a tree in Henderson and now the family is working hard to get it cleaned up.
The family was actually inside the house and they're just thankful no one was hurt. But like so many here in Henderson and across the valley - today is all about getting things back in order. 
Most neighbors are dealing with debris, but others are dealing with structural damage from all of the hail and wind. 
At the home we were at, the tree fell onto a car; hitting the roof and the garage door on the way down.
"The house shook like an earthquake and next thing you know you hear the cracking sound of branches everywhere. And you can see the tree just go right in front of the window come right down. We thought it was going to come down on the top of the house but we got lucky", says Jacob Nieve.
This is a situation where the family can pay nearly $1,000 to have the tree removed professionally, but at this time they've decided to see what they can accomplish on their own.