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Arby's bringing a special 'declassified' menu to Area 51 event

Posted at 8:58 AM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 12:12:58-04

If you are looking for something out of this world while attending one of the 2 events near Area 51 this week, Arby's has got you covered.

They are bringing their Roadside Meathouse to Storm Area 51 Basecamp in Hiko and they have prepared a special menu.


The "declassified" menu includes:

The “Redacted on Rye” Sandwich -- Roasted turkey on a toasted marble rye bread with swiss cheese, tangy slaw and thousand island dressing, inspired by Arby’s Rachel Sandwich (a slight variation of the classic Reuben -- pictured above).

The E.T. Slider -- A slider featuring a crispy chicken tender dipped in Bronco Berry Sauce.

Arby’s Frying Objects -- Arby’s loaded curly fries topped with savory moon rocks.

Galaxy Shake -- A blue, sweet milkshake base that turns pink and tarter as you drink or stir it, topped with a fruit crunch.