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Store owner on edge and out thousands of dollars after break-in

Posted at 11:30 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-06 02:45:43-04

A valley store owner is on edge and out thousands of dollars after a break-in at his store Near Durango and Flamingo early Thursday morning.

"This is a dangerous game, somebody is going to get shot and killed doing stuff like this," John Eric Stensrud.

Surveillance video shows glass shattering as two men break into the gas station and DMV business.

"The perps came in and went straight to that safe, ripped open the door that covers the safe and put the combination in to get in the safe," said Stensrud.

Stensrud said the crooks knew the combination.  Then, the video shows the second man go to the microwave and pop it open.

"And he gets the money immediately," he said.

Strensrud thinks a former employee may somehow be connected with this crime.  Police have not identified any suspects at this point.

"We found out that our most loyal longest employee, had been stealing thousands" he said, "so we had to let her go."

The break-in happened shortly after the termination.

At least eight iPads and iPhones were stolen from the property. Strensrud says his bank accounts and credit cards have been compromised.  Until these men are caught, Strensrud says he's scared and stressed.

"I always carry a gun but you can't see behind you," he said.