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Stolen security cameras capture face of man who did it

Posted at 6:16 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 21:40:58-04

Several security cameras were methodically stolen from an apartment complex near Eastern and Warm Springs.

But first, they recorded the face of the person who took them.

The suspect can be seen driving through the complex in a work truck, then walking up to the tree one of the cameras was mounted on with a ladder and a drill.

Five cameras were taken in all.

"It looks like he definitely planned it out," said Brandon Merenda, who bought the cameras.

Merenda and four of his neighbors chipped in to buy eight of the $180 cameras after a few break-ins inside the complex.

"It was a great idea because...we were actually terrified," said Ram Kumar, one of the neighbors who chipped in.

The security lasted for two months.

Since the thefts last week, Merenda says a grill and a hookah were stolen right off his porch.

"We want to feel safe in our own home and right now, this guy's making it very impossible to do that," said Cedric Meehleib, who also helped pay for the cameras.

Merenda and Kumar say they're not  looking into buying more cameras for fear that they'll just get taken again.

They both say they're considering moving out of the complex.