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Street closures, disruptions for improvements

Posted at 9:31 AM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 12:31:03-05
The Department of Public Works reports that the following streets may be closed or disrupted and have a City approved barricade plan to perform the work.
These dates may or may not necessarily be completion dates for the projects.
1. California Avenue Between Casino Center Blvd & Main St (Water, Sewer) 10/7/15-1/1/16
2. Garces Avenue At Main St (Street Improvements) 11/1/15-1/31/16
3. Grend Canyon Drive Between Echelon Point Dr & Deer Springs Wy (Utilities) 12/18/15-12/24/15
1. Alta Drive Between Rancho Dr & Martin L King Blvd (Landscaping) 12/15/15-1/7/16
2. Bridger Avenue Between 9th St & 10th St (Anode Replacement) 12/14/15-1/11/16
3. Cheyenne Avenue Between Soaring Gulls Dr & Durango Dr (Sewer) 3/31/15-1/15/16
4. Clark Avenue Between 3rd St & 4th St (Gas) 12/15/15-1/7/16
5. Clark Avenue At 6th St (Crane Placement) 8/25/15-12/31/15
6. Eastern Avenue Between Reynolds Ave & Washington Ave (Gas) 12/7/15-12/23/15
7. Elkhorn Road Between Ft. Apache Rd & Grand Canyon Dr (Storm Drain) 9/21/15- 2/16/16
8. Far Hills Avenue Between Anasazi Dr & CC215 (Landscaping) 10/1/15-1/8/16
9. Hualapai Way Between Town Center Dr & Alta Dr (Landscaping) 10/1/15-3/17/16
10. Main Street Between Bonneville Ave & Las Vegas Blvd (Street Improvements) 11/1/15-12/1/16
11. Washington Avenue At Pecos (Pole Replacement) 12/7/15-2/16/16