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Staying safe during celebrations for 4/20 in Las Vegas

Posted at 11:22 PM, Apr 20, 2018

Tourists and Las Vegas locals celebrated 4/20 for the first time since marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Nevada.

Many of the dispensaries gave away free marijuana or had special discounts.

"I think we are setting history here so this has been exciting no only for the customers but for our staff just being a part of something very special going on," said General Manager of The Source Dispensaries Chris Vickers.

We even met a couple on Fremont Street that came to town from Dallas just to get married on "4/20".

For the most part, it appeared people were behaving and following the laws. Our crew smelled marijuana but didn't really see people smoking out on the streets since you are supposed to keep it confined to your own property.

Nevada Highway Patrol is going to have extra patrols throughout the entire weekend due to the celebration on "4/20".

They will be looking for signs of impairment among drivers like driving too fast or too slow, switching lanes without a signal, and drifting into lanes.