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State rolls out new rules for cryotherapy

Posted at 7:14 PM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 22:14:38-05
The state is rolling out new guidelines on cryotherapy.
They're coming one month after a spa employee was found dead inside one of the chambers.
Age, height and health guidelines have been laid out for the cryotherapy businesses as well as consumers. The recommendations announced Friday take effect immediately.
They were handed down by the state's chief medical officer exactly one month after Chelsea Ake was found dead inside a chamber at Rejuvenice facility near Eastern Avenue and Pebble Road.
The coroner says the 24-year-old died from a lack of oxygen in the nitrogen filled chamber.
The state says over the past month they have visited several cryotherapy businesses and consulted with companies that manufacture the machines.
The state recommends the tanks that subject users to subzero temperatures not be used by anyone under 18. They also ask people under five feet tall as well as people with certain medical conditions to avoid the devices.
State health leaders are also asking businesses that use the machines to provide proper training and have customers sign waivers.
Businesses are also asked to provide CPR training and have defibrillators on hand.
Since the new rules are just guidelines at this point, businesses will not face fines if they decide not to follow the recommendations handed down by the state.