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St. Thomas road closed due to storm damage

Posted at 3:09 PM, Jan 07, 2016
The road to St. Thomas is temporarily closed due to storm damage.
The road to Willow Beach is scheduled to reopen with traffic controlled access 3 p.m. Jan. 7.
According to the National Weather Service, Lake Mead National Recreation Area received more than an inch of rain near St. Thomas and around 1.5 inches of rain near Willow Beach, over this past week.
Willow Beach Road was closed to the public the morning of Jan. 7, so crews could make repairs.
Additional repairs will be made over the next couple of days.
After 3 p.m., the public will be allowed to access the road with the assistance of traffic controls.
St. Thomas Road will remain closed for at least a week. Crews assessed the road and found a five-foot drop, making the road impassable.
Once work is complete at Willow Beach, crews are scheduled to begin repairing St. Thomas Road.
The park has more than 800 miles of dirt or gravel roads, and not all roads have been assessed, at this time.
Please use caution when driving in the backcountry and avoid driving in low-lying areas or washes, as water may still be flowing in these locations.