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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Decorations apparently stolen in Lakes neighborhood

Posted at 10:16 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-22 00:40:15-04

People living in a quiet Lakes community near Sahara Avenue and Fort Apache Road said squatters showed up about 3 months ago.

Two Vietnam veterans in the area wonder if this is a battle they can even win.
"They are so unpredictable in the way they act and what they say and what they do," a resident said.

And it's that unpredictable behavior that has these two men afraid to show their faces.

"It's been escalating ever since people walk by the area being harassed by these people."

Now they say they are living in fear in their own neighborhood. They tell us these squatters don't belong here.

"All of a sudden we started seeing people coming and going in the condo and it should have been empty because it was foreclosed on."

We confirmed with the assessors office that the property is owned by Chase Bank out of Columbus, Ohio.

Squatters are also making themselves at home in the community, including displaying decorations in the front window that one neighbor said belong to her.

"I thought wow, I had something just like that at one time, then I looked at the next article there and I used to have one of those too and then I looked at the third article and my daughter actually hand painted that," Cindy said.

She says she was puzzled that someone would not only steal her stuff, but showcase it for everyone to see.

Still in disbelief, she said, she went home and found out that her storage unit was broken into and everything inside was gone.

Her stolen decorations are not the reason she said she decide to speak out.

"I just want this problem addressed because its been going on far too long with these squatters," she said.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed they have received many calls related to this specific home. But every time they approach the situation, they are left waiting for an answer.