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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Residents still fighting to get squatters out

Posted at 11:35 PM, Apr 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-11 02:26:38-04

UPDATE ON APRIL 10: Neighbors say they've seen some of the dumpsters cleaned out and the window to the squatter home boarded up, but the problem is still continuing.

Stephen White tells us the squatters have gotten smart.  "I think they know when code enforcement comes, and they're just evading code enforcement.  I keep seeing them in different parts of the neighborhood," he says.

White says he posted our story to the City of Las Vegas' Facebook and they responded saying they would look into the situation.

ORIGINAL STORY:  Residents living near 10th Street and Bonanza Road says they're concerned their neighborhood is quickly being overrun by squatters.

Stephen White says he's sent several pictures to Las Vegas code enforcement's mobile app. He says as soon as some squatters leave and some of the trash along his street get picked up, more squatters come by.

Several people told 13 Action News they've seen squatters climbing through a window of one home. Inside there were mats for sleeping.  

One next door neighbor says she's terrified for her 8-year-old daughter because she says squatters are doing drugs right next to them.

White tells us he's even seen homeless people dumpster diving right next to his window at night.

"I said I'm trying to sleep," he says. "And they told me 'F you', we can do what we want."

The property in question is owned by an investment company in California.

Neighbors says other properties in the area have been targets for squatters also.  

"They call them 'abandos," one neighbor said.

"You see them scatter like cockroaches at night," she says.

One landlord on the street says he's having trouble selling his apartments because the trash and squatters have become an eyesore.

They want to see more done to fix their neighborhood.

"I think this neighborhood can be improve and I don't think it's right," White says.