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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Living in Summerlin home for 3 months

Posted at 5:43 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 21:52:02-04

Some neighbors in a Summerlin community near Vegas Drive and Cimarron Road say some squatters have spent the summer living in a home without water or air conditioning, and the whole situation is making them afraid. 

Neighbor are mad at their homeowners association. Not for what's going on, but rather, what they say isn't.
They say squatters have been living in this house for the last three months and the HOA has not done much.
One neighbor told us she's warned them about the squatters multiple times. 
"The only thing they can do is take care of the outside of the home," she said. "Whatever goes inside the home, they can't do nothing about it."
That is correct. Only the police with the legal owner can get them out. But she says police have been there during chaotic times. 
"In the middle of the night there's yelling and screaming and cars running out and motorcycles going out and very loud," said the same neighbor, who was too scared to reveal her identity. "The cops have come here several times."
People say the squatters have gone so far as to knock door-to-door asking people for water.
"This was a lovely neighborhood and we paid good money for our home, we keep it up nice and it's frightening to have people in there that are just squatting," said another frightened neighbor.
13 Action News checked with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
They told us there were no recent calls in connection with this situation, so we gave neighbors the only advice we could: keep calling.