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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Guests asked to move out after initially being allowed to stay

Posted at 6:51 PM, Feb 28, 2017

A valley neighborhood is living in fear of people they call "intimidating squatters who don't belong."

Neighbors tell 13 Action News of a vacant house near Gowan Road and Simmons Street that people have been coming in and out of for months.

"It makes you nervous because you don't know who they are," said Randy Maupin, who lives on the street. "They don't belong here."

It turns out a man named James Van Sanden is staying in the house with his mother.

He's a friend of the vacant home's owner, who lives next door with her mother.

The homeowner's mother told us Van Sanden was invited to stay for a few days. But it turned into a few months, and now she wants him out. He's been getting electricity and water from his neighbors.

"We don't want to stay here as much as everyone else [doesn't] want us to stay here, but it is what it is right now," Van Sanden said.

He says he's trying to move on as fast as possible and will be moving into an apartment Friday.