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Nightmare squatter house in North Las Vegas transformed into dream home

Posted at 9:30 PM, May 10, 2017

13 Action News was the only station to tell you about a woman’s family home squatters trashed. The freeloaders left. Investors bought it. And now, that nightmare squatter house could once again be someone’s dream home.

Angela Laub-Carroll gasped in amazement, “Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful!”

It’s the first time she’s getting a look at the North Las Vegas home her grandparents once owned. It’s the same home where she grew up, the same home squatters nearly destroyed.

“It’s just so beautiful and overwhelming,” Laub-Carroll said.

Last winter, 13 Action News told you about a family of squatters who moved into the house and refused to leave.

The intruders moved out after our story aired but turned her family home into a wretched wreck.

“I was angry,” Laub-Carroll said.

“It was awful,” said Danny Garcia, an investor with United Wholesalers Network.

Garcia and partner, Jose Soto, bought the fixer-upper, refurbished it and showed Laub-Carroll the finished product. Every square inch has been totally remodeled.

“Everything you see here is brand new,” Garcia said.

The kitchen once covered in grime is now covered with granite countertops. Broken bathrooms now have new fixtures. Instead of holes in the walls, there’s a new computerized thermostat.

Marta Villegas practically grew up with Laub-Carroll. She wants to buy the house and make this a dream home for her five kids.

“Now seeing it like this, I was surprised,” Villegas said. “I would love them to be in here.”

“The only thing that would top the cherry on it is if my grandparents were sitting there,” Laub-Carroll said.