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Neighbors say squatters caused building fire

Fire near Desert Inn and Pecos
Posted at 5:12 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 21:44:15-05
Early Wednesday, there was a large fire at an empty building at Desert Inn and Pecos. The building belongs to NV Energy, but they are not using it right now. But neighbors say that does not mean the building is empty.
"Usually I have to pass that building and I would always observe a light on or someone looking out the window," said Barbara Dickson, who lives in the apartment complex behind the building.
Several neighbors told 13 Action News they see a lot of homeless and transient people around the area.
"That area right there, there's a whole bunch of dumpsters, I don't know if the homeless people actually be in the building, but they're always in that area," said D'Angelo Sercy, who also lives in that apartment complex. 
Sercy also said this isn't the first fire.
"They had a fire over there not too long ago, like a month ago, the little shed over there was on fire," Sercy said, "but I just hope everybody's ok."
13 Action News called NV Energy, which owns the building, to get answers. They could not do an on-camera interview, but told us over the phone they don't know whether they have had complaints about squatters there.