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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Neighbors say historic home is now squatter house

Woman, man and young boy 'moved in'
Posted at 11:17 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 09:53:14-05
A group of people living in the Paradise Palms neighborhood said there are some new squatters who just moved in.
"This morning I'm walking by and the guy's trailer is there, still backed up in the driveway," said Dale Tyczkowski. "So they were unloading and he's got the garage door open, and the front door open."
Tyczkowski said a woman, man and very young boy moved into the house near Flamingo Road and Eastern Avenue illegally.
13 Action News went to go check it out, but no one answered the door. But when we peered inside what we saw shocked us. There was garbage, clothing and even pieces of the walls laying inside the house.
"The house is stripped," Tyczkowski said. "There's no gas, no electric, no water. So for a family with a child to be moving in there, it's just not possible."
But compared to where one neighbor said they were living, this might be an improvement. One woman showed us the Flamingo Wash, right behind her house. There, we saw evidence of people staying in the area and even someone down there during the day. That neighbor said that is where the people living in this house came from.
The last listed owner bought the house in 2007, but pictures taken inside the house in 2015 show the same kind of mess we glimpsed through the windows.
"It's really concerning because whenever you have an empty house like that it just attracts a lot of crime," Tyczkowski said.
Neighbors say the home has been empty since the old owner died, and even if police come, it's still a magnet for squatters.