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Neighbors annoyed by squatter 'campground' on Las Vegas vacant lot

Posted at 5:28 PM, May 23, 2017

A group of neighbors near Sunrise Mountain has had enough of squatters trashing a vacant lot in their neighborhood. They say the squatters have gone so far they even have an old hot tub out there.

"They were there when I first moved here and then it got worse," said Vincent Lewis, who has been living in a house by the vacant lot near Vegas Valley Drive and Nellis Boulevard for about two years.

Lewis said things escalated over two years to the point that friends and family are afraid to come to his house.

"It's the noise, the dirt, the garbage that goes on there," he said. "They bring carts all over the place, shopping carts, all kinds of junk. You can see they brung a spa over there."

He contacted Clark County to get rid of the squatters.

"A couple months later finally they cleaned it up and kicked the people out then all the sudden about a month and a half later they're back again, and this went on for about four times already," Lewis said. "The owner of the property needs to do something about it."

So, 13 Action News went to find the owner. There is an individual's name listed along with an LLC on the assessor's website.

We talked with that person who says the property was probably purchased by an investment group he was a part of more than 10 years ago. But he says the investment group went belly up, and he think the property is probably owned by the bank.

Clark County has an open case on the property. They ask that if you see something, document it and tell them. If there is a crime, call law enforcement.