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UPDATE: Squatters return after neighbor chases them with baseball bat

Posted at 7:06 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 22:16:56-05

UPDATE: Two days after a neighborhood vigilante went after squatters with a baseball bat and Clark County shut off utilities, neighbors told 13 Action News the squatters have moved back in.

A neighbor tells us he saw a U-Haul pull up a day after the county forced the squatters to leave.  He says he tried to take pictures of the squatters, and one of them chased him down and nearly broke into his house.  Police identified that suspect as 28-year-old Lewis Laymon.

Meanwhile, we called Fannie Mae in Dallas, the listed owner of the property.  They say they contact local workers to keep the house up before it can be sold.  They say they'll investigate.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Neighbors living near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway say they've been fed up with several people living in an abandoned home.

The neighborhood is a historic area, and the squatter house was once owned by 1960s singer Mel Carter.

Neighbors say the most recent homeowner lost his home back in November, and last month, the owner was listed as a Dallas-based bank.

They say since then, several people have moved in. They tried knocking on the door, but they would leave and then come again.  

Finally, a neighbor took matters into his own hands, grabbing a baseball bat and chasing the squatters out.

That neighbor also told the Clark County he would contact 13 Action News if the issue wasn't resolved quickly. Sure enough, crews were out Wednesday, turning off the lights and boarding up the property.

Neighbors say they're proud of their vigilante neighbor for getting things done.  

"That's pretty funny," one neighbor said. "I'm glad he got them out."