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SQUATTERS: Man says he's surrounded by squatters

He says houses on both sides are taken over
Posted at 5:14 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 22:53:52-05

A Las Vegas man said he has squatters living on both sides of him.

"It's just ridiculous," said John Goulding. "The houses immediately to my right and to my left we have just people in and out, in and out."
From the outside you can tell the house on the right has power and satellite TV. Goulding is not scared of the people, but of what is going on next door in the neighborhood near Nellis Boulevard and Desert Inn Road.
"I'm scared of what could happen as far as the house catching fire spreading to mine, one of the kids picking up a needle or some sort of paraphernalia and hurting themselves, or who knows what kind of people they are," he said.
We went to talk to the people who live in the house on the right. They said they have a lease but shut the door and would not show it to us.
Stephen Brown was hired to fix the place up on the left of Goulding's house.
"The electricians came and ran some new power and everybody went home that night, we came back the next day and the kids had cut the brand new stuff that the electricians had just installed out," said Brown.
Brown gave 13 Action News a tour of the place, where he says he has to kick squatters out every day.
"Just put this carpet in and he's in there making his own little campsite in there, had an ashtray, cigarette and we found syringes outside so they're obviously drug users," said Brown.
Las Vegas police said the best thing anyone concerned about squatters can do is go to the nearest substation and file a report. That way, they can send officers out there when they have the time to address the situation.