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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Local couple says they are being terrorized by squatters

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 22:21:24-04
A valley couple took action to get rid of some really aggressive squatters living behind them.
Since they moved in last May, David and Rebecca DeWitt said they have dealt with squatters causing problems. 
They installed surveillance cameras to watch over their house while they were out and caught on surveillance what looks like of the squatters trying to start a fight.
"She's like threatening to get her homies over here and beat us up, just crazy stuff," said David.
She was not the first squatter, but they said she was different from squatters prior.
"This lady, she came differently. She brought some dude and her kids and she came over acting like they were going to rent the place. She said they were going to rent it and then she came back the next day in the same attitude saying she was going to buy it," explained David.
They said she tricked most of the neighbors, showing up with a U-Haul, acting she and her children belonged there. One night, it was raining and David said her dogs would not stop crying.
"I had to get my flashlight, went back there, woke her up and told her, 'hey you need to put your dogs inside, plus are you supposed to be here,' and ever since then my life's been hell," David said.
David said she left her dogs outside like that often, and he offered to put together a disassembled dog house sitting in their backyard. But then she flipped the script.
"She called the police and told them I was attacking her dogs and her kids," said David.
When the squatters started threatening to accuse David of a crime, his wife took action.
"I went on the County Clerk website to look up the property owner," said Rebecca. "You can look up the owner and all that information."
She found the owner and called him, letting him know about the squatters.
"It was out of good faith that I contacted him," Rebecca said.
But reaching out to the homeowner was not the first thing they did. 
They said they tried calling the police, child protective services, animal control, and even the water district, but they said no one could help them.
"I don't want to put anything on the police department because they were here for us and they were just as frustrated as we were," said David.
It was only after they called the homeowner that he was able to help get rid of the squatters.