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Spring break travelers cause traffic on highways

Posted at 6:03 PM, Mar 20, 2016

Traffic was backed up along the highways leaving Las Vegas Sunday as people head home from spring break.

It was a couple miles before Jean on southbound Interstate 15 where traffic started to slow to a crawl. Traffic was also backed up northbound I-15 near Sahara Avenue due to a crash.

Delays were also expected on U.S. 93 heading into Arizona.

"I'm not a very patient driver so I get pretty frustrated with people whip in here," said Cecily Hendricks of Ventura, Calif.

One travel agent said this weekend is the busiest weekend to take a vacation in the first four months of the year. So why did some people sit in traffic rather than fly?

"Flights have been sold out for a very long time, couple months now," Hendricks said. "We looked at getting tickets in December but it's probably quadruple what it normally is to get into Vegas."

There are different ways people deal with sitting in traffic, whether it's music and DVD players for the kids, enjoying the warm weather with the windows down or just bonding with the family and friends in the car.