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Specialized tricycle gives family hope disabled Las Vegas girl will walk someday

Posted at 11:39 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 13:18:21-05

A child's first tricycle is usually all about just enjoying the ride, but for 4-year-old Aylin Teran every push of the pedals moves her closer to physical independence.

Her mother, Crestal Teran, explained why this bike is different.

"It works with her coordination and her feet and her strength on her legs so she can start improving the use of her legs."

She was microcephaly and congenital hypotonia.

Hypotonia means she has decreased muscle tone and needs help walking. Aylin had been using a specially-made tricycle in physical therapy sessions and while her family saw improvement, they couldn't afford to buy one for her to use at home. 

Wheelchairs 4 Kids, a Florida based nonprofit organization, reached out  to Las Vegas Elks Lodge No. 1468 to see if they could help cover the $1,300 cost. Instead of just making a donation they decided to purchase the bike for Aylin. 

Joe Dilworth is the secretary of the Las Vegas Elks. 

"This is what we are all about," Dilworth said. "Elks care. Elks share. If we get a request and we can honor it, then we are more than pleased to fill that request." 

Now Aylin will have the additional help she needs at home. Her mother is both confident and hopeful.

"Maybe one day she will walk. That's what we are hoping for. And that's what we are working toward."