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Man praises Las Vegas police for returning stolen Christmas gifts

Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 12:22:29-05

A Las Vegas man is publicly thanking the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for what they did for him in Southern Highlands.

Gene Grefrath expected to come home from work Friday to two small Christmas gifts he had ordered.

They were there, but accompanied by a note from police.

It read, "Someone stole your packages. We got them back for you though."

"I was kind of shocked to see that," Grefrath said. "I went outside and my packages were sitting safely outside on the doorstep. I was pleasantly surprised to see that."

Grefrath belongs to a number of Southern Highlands social media groups and he posted the story on every platform he could.

"It's nice to put it out there that Metro's actually out there doing good things for the community rather than the constant negativity you see about them," he said.

Dozens of comments applauded the officers' actions.

Neighbors on the block say someone called 911 when they saw the suspect walk up and take the packages.

Las Vegas police did not return our calls about the incident.

Grefrath says from now on, he'll consider having packages delivered to his office or to one of Amazon's numerous secure lockers throughout the valley.