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Social media-fueled fights among local students

Posted at 12:22 AM, Apr 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-30 03:22:57-04
From a quiet corner of Canyon, to the hallways of Chaparral, the lockers of Legacy, even outside Centennial.
Brawls breaking out among high school students in the Las Vegas valley often turn into mobs, with students and teachers caught in the middle.
While school yard scuffles are nothing new, these violent clashes, students say, happened within just a few hours. Clark County School District Police confirmed that five fights happened at five different high schools last Friday.
13 Action News uncovered all of this on the Facebook profile of just one person. Views, videos and comments quote, "Beat a (obscenity) up Friday!" or quote, "Best fight!" Even the names of specific schools were posted.
13 Action News crime and safety expert retired Lieutenant Randy Sutton examined the apparent student's account.
"[She was] instigating a myriad of fights, exploiting it, and and, you're seeing participation in a massive way," said Sutton. "This is exceedingly dangerous, it needs to be investigated, and these people need to be charged."
CCSD and school police wouldn't discuss specific profiles or videos saying it's against policy and potentially glorifies bullies. 
13 Action News offered to give CCSD a link to that troubling profile, but they didn't want the information.