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Smith's introduces new way to grocery shop that could keep you on budget

Posted at 11:21 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 10:14:28-04

Las Vegas locals have a new way to do their grocery shopping, and it's helping families save time and money. 

Head into the Smith's Grocery store on Silverado Ranch and Maryland Parkway and you'll notice a new piece of technology. 

It's called Scan, Bag, Go and it allows customers to carry a device with them as they shop. Customers scan items as they place them in their cart. The device shows customers their total bill as it racks up. 

"If I have this it keeps me on budget because I don't buy something that's not on my list instead of just throwing something into the cart," said customer Jennifer Heiny. 

When it comes time to pay, customers head to a self-checkout station where they scan the device itself and pay.

It gets rid of the hassle of typical self-checkouts in which one has to scan each item, bag it at the station, then proceed to put the item in a cart. 

Smith's store manager Samantha Anderson said Scan, Bag, Go won't replace the traditional check-out method or store employees. She said the new technology has contributed to job growth because the stores now need employees dedicated to teaching customers how to use the device. 

Nine different Smith's stores in Las Vegas will start using the technology before November 2018. The next store to implement it will be the location on Hualapai and Tropicana.