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Small businesses say pop-up flower shops costing them customers

Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 14, 2018

Every Valentines Day, pop-up shops appear on the sides of the road, offering affordable flowers and stuffed animals.

But some mom and pop stores with permanent locations say these pop-up shops are hurting their businesses, and one even called police.

Manuel Lazos set up a shop near Charleston and Lamb to make some extra cash after losing his construction job a few months ago.

But his shop was right across the street from MC Gardens, a flower shop, who told us the pop-up shop was costing them customers.

They say they pay taxes and businesses licenses and it's unfair temporary shops can cut into their business without playing by the rules.

"They don't understand the damage they're doing us," the manager tells 13 Action News.

MC Gardens called police on Lazos' shop, so he moved it to a different location.

In the city of Las Vegas, pop up shops need to get a temporary permit, and in Clark County, they need a business license.