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Vegas business owners are ready for shoppers on Small Business Saturday

Posted at 10:28 PM, Nov 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 02:48:11-05

Small Business Saturday encourages customers to support small employers that make up the majority of U.S. businesses.

At Darkside Games in Southern Highlands instead of carols, it's the sounds of sales as Small Business Saturday approaches. 

The cash register was already filled up with money as customers took advantage of special deals on Black Friday. As guests choose the locally owned small business, over online shopping or big discount stores.

"It is hard to compete sometimes, but we have a really strong local community and they support us," said co-owner Paul Tartaglio. 

The "shop small" movement has taken off as the battle for the holiday dollar has become more intense with online retailers and the deep discounts being offered in major stores.

Small Business Saturday encourages customers to support the thirty-million small employers that make up the vast majority of U.S. businesses.

They are people who have a vested interest in the community where their customers shop.

"We're going to take that money. We're going to spend it locally," said Tartaglio. "We live in the local community too. So, it's good all around for everyone I believe."

Sarah Collins is part owner of Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall.

"Because when you shop here you are actually sending our children to school and putting pocket money in their little pockets," said Collins.

She and other small business owners are just hoping the holiday urge to splurge will last one more day.