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Small business owners forced to leave The Market LV

Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 12:55:57-04

Several small business owners were told to close their doors after Tivoli Village decided to shut down The Market LV. 

The Market LV is a shopping attraction on the second floor of Tivoli Village. It houses several small, local businesses like Latoya Holman's Blowout Dollhouse.

"It's been an absolute dream come true. I've always wanted to have something of my own," Holman said. 

For 4 years, Holman's been successful here, but she's watched other business owners come and go. 

"The Market LV has always been a struggle.  There's not a lot of traffic up here," she said. 

Now Tivoli Village is shutting down The Market LV for good. 

Business owners were given letters last week notifying them of a lease termination. They have 30 days to move out. Some of the business owners had just moved in or completed renovations like Jacob Kepler who owns a photography business. 

"I did incur some expenses," he said. "I'm just seeing if they'll be willing to work with me somehow." 

13 Action News reached out to the general manager of Tivoli Village Curt Fickeisen. Fickeisen said there are plans in the works to redevelop The Market LV entirely. 

"Some of these businesses and some of these families will not be able to recover from this," Holman said. 

Tivoli Village management sent the following statement:

For years, the Market LV has served as a unique use for Tivoli Village and has been a spring-board

for many small businesses, several of which we are proud to have retained as long-term tenants within the center.

However, Tivoli Village has decided to give closure notices to the Market LV to pursue a new tenant opportunity to aid in our growth, expansion and renovation efforts.  We have issued lease termination notices to those tenants in this designated space and will assist in their transition. We expect to announce our future development plans in the coming months.