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Slain officer honored at North Las Vegas school

Posted at 6:38 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-08 10:20:41-05

It was all about honoring a local hero, who was gunned down in the line of duty over two decades ago.

North Las Vegas Police paid a visit to Raul Elizondo Elementary School on Wednesday for the 19th annual Raul Elizondo Day event.

Elizondo was gunned down in 1995 while on duty in North Las Vegas. The school was named after him for his service to the community.

Wednesday's event was filled with guest speakers, police demonstrations, and even a parade. Organizers say it was all about carrying on Elizondo's legacy for the future.

"The officers that are coming up behind us, the students that attend this school, remember that they had a hero on North Las Vegas who gave their ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty," said Lt. Tom Glazier from North Las Vegas Police.

Officer Elizondo was 27 years old when he was fatally shot near Evans and Carroll streets.