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Ski resorts pushing for sales during abnormally warm winter

Posted at 6:51 PM, Dec 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 12:53:28-05

With the winter ski season just a few days away, some ski resorts in the region all holding onto hope for snow.

Some regional ski resorts were on display at the 12th Annual SnowJam, Las Vegas' Ski & Snowboard Expo.

Mark Wilder from Brian Head Resort in Southern Utah says they're already feeling the impact of the abnormally warm start to the winter season.

"We are not fully 100% open so far in terrain but our restaurants in an hour bars and lodging properties are opened," says Wilder. 

It's a similar story at Snow Valley Resort in Southern California.

"We're having a slow start but like I said we should be open," says Mike Lee of Snow Valley. 

Right now, Snow Valley depends on snow machines to kick off the season.

"We have snowmaking over 90 percent of the hill, so it's going to be open as soon as we get the temperatures down," says Lee. 

But regardless of the late start, ski resorts say SnowJam is a great way to bring folks out to winter-time resorts for the months ahead. 

"Temperatures are dropping, and that's, of course, a good thing for us, so we're looking forward to another great season