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Six animals dumped at Barn Buddies Rescue causes concern

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 11:32:26-05

The owner of a local farm animal rescue is not happy after someone dumped six animals on her property without her permission.

Sharon Linsenbardt and her husband own and operate Barn Buddies Rescue at the Las Vegas Farm near Tenaya and Grand Teton.

The couple rehabilitates hundreds of farm animals that were once sick, injured, abandoned, or neglected.

The other day, Linsenbardt looked in her duck pen and found six black ducks that are not hers.

"I've got a bunch of white ducks," she said. "I've got a bunch of beige and brown ducks. I have some muscovy ducks. I do not have black Indian runner ducks!"

Linsenbardt believes someone threw the ducks over her fence. She is concerned they could be sick or transmit some illness to her healthy animals.

"They could have disease. They could have parasites. They could have any number of issues."

Linsenbardt says people who want to surrender a farm animal typically ask her if she will take the animal before leaving it on her property. She wishes the owner of the black ducks did the same.

She wants to remind people not to purchase animals if you cannot provide them a forever home.