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Silver State ranked #1 in gold production in the United States

Posted: 6:42 PM, May 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-18 01:45:22Z

Nevada is known as the Silver State but a recent study says it is also the leading producer of gold in the United States.

Nevada’s mines produced 5.64 million ounces of gold in 2017, according to the Nevada Division of Minerals. This total was up 3.2% from the 2016 production level of 5.47 million ounces.

The average annual price of gold also increased slightly from $1,251 per ounce in 2016 to $1,257 per ounce in 2017.

Nevada continues to be the nation’s top gold producing state, contributing 72% of the total U.S. gold production in 2017 of 7.88 million ounces. Nevada produced 5.6% of the total world gold production in 2017, ranking 5th behind only China, Australia, Russia and Canada.