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Should parents worry about kids getting marijuana edibles for Halloween?

Posted at 7:39 AM, Oct 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-30 16:06:40-04

With recreational marijuana now legal in Nevada, should parents be worried about their kids getting pot for Halloween?

The marijuana industry says it's just a big scare tactic.

Normal candy comes in brightly colored packages with familiar logos and pictures. Marijuana edibles come in packages without a lot of color and pictures. Often they have child protective seals. Industry leaders say they're made this way on purpose, so as not to be enticing to children.

It would be difficult to mistake the two.

"I think it's just very newsworthy to grab the name cannabis and edibles and that's been the big fear, but I don't believe it's very likely that they're going to find cannabis-infused candies inside their children's trick-or-treat packages," said Mikel Alvarez, the director of retail operations for Blum, a local marijuana dispensary.

Law enforcement agencies from across the country have been warning parents about the potential of marijuana poisoning. While they've been able to point to cases of kids accidentally ingesting edibles at home, they have not been able to point to a single case of a kid getting marijuana for Halloween.
New Jersey's attorney general says they sent out a warning just hoping parents would be extra vigilant.