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Shoppers late to Black Friday miss out on deals

Posted at 11:59 PM, Nov 25, 2016

Some people waited until Black Friday was nearly over to get out and hunt for bargains.

At Town Square Las Vegas, several shoppers came armed with a plan. What they had in common was they chose to shop late.

But each person had their own story.

"These kids keep me busy," said Diana Lander, a mother with her two young sons. "Not much time to shop."

Rene Rangel said it was procrastination that kept him home most of the day.

The late start didn't work out for everyone.

"A lot of things were missing," said Zayvion Wilson. "I didn't get here as fast as everybody else did. I tried to get whatever I could."

Catalina Motoc is relatively new to Black Friday altogether. She's Romanian and moved to Las Vegas five years ago.

"I saw a couple videos of people crazy, getting into the stores," Motoc said.

She said she shops alone because her husband doesn't like to wait for her.

Lander maybe wishes she could shop alone.

"These kids, they're not letting me," she said. "They're just crying."

Her solution is to go with a friend who can watch her children while she tries on clothes.

By the end of the day, everyone's stories and situation converge into one.

Motoc's first language may not be English, but she articulates how the other shoppers feel.

"It feels like, 'Oh my God, I spent a lot of money!'" Motoc said. "But I'm happy."