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Shoppers and store owners happy indoor malls open again in Las Vegas

Posted at 4:35 PM, Jun 05, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Indoor malls are open again!

Several people went to some of the most popular malls in the Las Vegas valley as soon as their doors were open this Friday morning.

But this time, the shopping experience was different.

Some closed stores and signs around the mall were reminding people to keep a safe distance.

It was easy to spot shoppers with bags on their hands and masks on their faces.

At the Meadows Mall and Galleria at Sunset, hundreds of cars were on their parking lots. Both were closed for two months.

Sharnean Ottey visited Meadows Mall and she noticed that some stores actually had lines and others did they require customers to have on a mask.

Still, the opportunity to be with her family while buying shoes at meadows mall was quite a treat.

“All I had to do was tell them what shoe I wanted and they went to the back and brought it on and I was able to sit down and try them on, so on that I feel like nothing has changed, but I do believe they wiped down the seats. to keep them sanitized… overall, it was kind of like relaxed feeling compared to what I’ve seen in other places," said Ottey.

For vendors, the feeling was mutual. They were more than excited for this new chapter and to finally have customers back.

Kelley Bourne has a food and snacks kiosk at Meadows Mall that has been her family business for 20 years. Before COVID-19, they never closed.

“All of our product pretty much went bad in the two and a half months, so it took some days to disinfect everything, clean everything, so it’s been some work, but I’m happy, I’m happy with it," said Bourne.

Both malls are operating under restricted hours, but they hope to extend it and have more customers in the following weeks